About Me

Hello, my name is Apar Gupta.

Born in February, 1984 and based in Delhi, I am a lawyer, writer, and policy advisor focusing on the impact of technology on democracy and civil rights. My work is driven by a fidelity to social change aligned with the Constitution of India, a belief that has led me to express myself through various mediums, including writing, public lectures, and video production.

I have created this website with the traditional notion of building a personal archive. It serves as a retrospective, tracing the evolution of my work, values and skills. This catalogue is intended as a resource for both readers and personal reflection. Additionally, the site is a platform for me to restart blogging, as well as archiving cross-posts from social media.

For those seeking my professional biography and photograph, you can access these with a simple click and the best way to contact me is by sending an email to mail[at]apargupta[dot]com.