About Me

Arth-Rigi Railway (Jan. 2023)

Hello, my name is Apar Gupta. Born in 1984, I work as a lawyer and writer, focusing on the impact of technology on democracy and civil rights.

For over 15 years, my commitment to social change, aligned with the Constitution of India, has driven me to practice law and broader social advocacy. It includes writing, delivering public lectures, working in campaigns and coalitions, and more recently, producing videos. In the law, technology, and policy networks, I am best known for my work at the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), which I co-founded and managed for six years until 2024.

Presently, I practice law in Delhi.

I created this website to build a personal archive. To make sense of the world, my actions and values. What changes, and how much stays the same. Here, updates will be occasional but meaningful, as much as my social media provides a rich but also a cluttered scroll. I have also linked a professional profile that can be useful for talks and any panel introductions. There is a chance you may want to contact me. Rather calling or sending a whatsapp message directly, it’s endearing when someone sends a good, old fashioned email! For all personal and writing chit chat feel free to ping me on mail@apargupta.com. For, any law/client related work only use office@apargupta.com.

All information on this website is licensed under CC BY 4.0